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The Global Banner

Please look at the PAGE on this site now up entitled Global Interactive Banner.

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Facilitator – to Be or not to Be

Greetings all prospective facilitators of NESIA GLOBAL INTERACTIVE. A title change suggested by Thoth.

Thoth always has referred to those involved in this endeavour as “facilitators.” Well, I can’t spell this word. I know there is spell-check, but even trying to get it CLOSE so spell-check finds it.

Also facilitators is a long word and it didn’t go well with NESIA Global. That is when I decided to do “teachers” even tho I knew THR probably wouldn’t care for it (rebellious little girl that I am). Then today, when I was holding our Wednesday Dance at Creation’s Park in Second Life, Trica-Maka read something to us all that was sooo on the mark with THR and it was about there not being any “teachers” any more (or rather we are moving beyond that). I really had been meaning to find another word instead of teachers…short and that I could spell. But hearing this from Tricia really convinced me.

Then a lady at the dance hearing this open discussion, suggested “Liaison.” Well even though I can’t spell that either, it was shorter and went with NESIA Global better. We all thought so. However, I looked it up and found for it’s definition:

1Communication or cooperation that facilitates a close working relationship between people or organizations:
the head porter works in close liaison with the reception office
1.1A person who acts as a link to assist communication or cooperation between groups of people:
he’s our liaison with a number of interested parties

Hmmm, no it just won’t work. So I looked up Thoth’s “facilitator” and it says:

one that facilitates; especially :  one that helps to bring about an outcome (as learning, productivity, or communication) by providing indirect or unobtrusive assistance, guidance, or supervision <the workshop’s facilitator kept discussion flowing smoothly>

Much better. So for now, anyway I am ditching “teacher” and using facilitator solely.  But when I went to re-name this branch of NESIA, Thoth delivered “Interactive” to the title. So the facilitators come under NESIA Global Interactive.

This is what Tricia read to us today…

From Good Vibrations, September 8th 2014:

“The days of teaching are over. The days of understanding have come to a finality. We are now in an experiential place, a brand new place of uncharted consciousness, uncharted awareness …”

“We are serving as vibrational bridges … between a reality that is rooted in separation, fear, lack and scarcity into a reality that is rooted in the abundance of spirit, the abundance and fullness of your soul …”

~ Panache Desai


A bit more news I will tuck into here:

I will be Skyping with Eunjung and Yves this Friday in regard to their becoming facilitators and then on the following Monday with Lami and Rami in Jordan. Rami ordered my Source and Temple Doors when I put TD out hard copy back in the late 1990’s Lami says he can tell you what Thoth said or what and in what issue it is to be found! That is better than I can do.

I am really encouraged. We shall see where it all leads 🙂



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