If you are on this web-blog then you are one of the below:

  • seriously considering become a NESIA facilitator
  • planning to become a NESIA facilitator
  • are a NESIA facilitator (this for the near future I hope)

THE PLAN: There isn’t one lol. However, gradually, I am being shown by Thoth a basic essence-outline. As of 8/25/14 it is as follows . . .

There is a massive amount of material just in what I have on my webs-blogs and archived Source and Temple Doors issues (these from 1980-1999). Each facilitator needs to come up with on their own what they feel guided to work with. They can choose whatever…maybe many different whatevers, or just focus on one for now, graduating to more at a later time. The Source and Temple Doors will soon no longer be available in my Store (when I change over to my new super-duper store soon).  So I would encourage you – if you are not a member of my Kyi’Ra Portalto purchase the full Editions from the old store now. These are free in my Portal. I don’t have them all in there yet, but will very soon.

I really, really wish to encourage you also (although not mandatory) to become members of the KyiRa Portal. In order to be able to show all my videos which are in there to your groups, this will be necessary. Also, it will give you the inside track energetically – on-going – as most of my really good stuff is going into my Portal. Some of these videos of course, you will be able to purchase through the new store, but that will get expensive, since it would be best for you to view all these videos. They will be a facilitator’s process for you.

Once you have been actually facilitating for at least a few months, and all seems on course and well with what you are doing in that regard, The New Earth Star Inner Academy will give you a certificate, which if you wish, you can print and display. It will really be more of a nice art work rather than a stuffy-looking certificate…but will have your name on it (otherwise they will all be the same).

My Role

At this point, I see myself responding to the flow of the individual facilitator and his/her NESIA program. I will not be able to become really personally involved with each program, due to time and health restraints. Yet I will be in the picture. Just how, is still formulating, so I don’t wish to say much about it as yet. I would request that the teachers keep me updated on their general flow for any input I or Thoth may wish to give in a general sense.

A Possibility

My creating pod casts commercially which will be in the Portal and can therefore be presented by NESIA teachers to their groups. These podcasts could be developed out of questions coming from participants of the groups – yet would be distributed to all the in the Portal and available in my store as well.


When you create groups or give presentations in your spiritual journeys, there is a required tithing to my non-profit Spirit Heart Sanctuary. A minimum of 15% of your profit (either from your charging participants or donations taken). If you incur expenses related specifically to the NESIA work,  you may deduct those before you tithe the 15%. Of course, if you wish to tithe more than 15% this will be appreciated! In most “academies” for spiritual work, you have to pay to take extensive courses and then you receive a certificate. Some places may ask you to tithe in addition. So you don’t have to pay or take courses here – just the tithing.

In your program, presentation or group/class you which you facilitate under the NESIA / New Earth Star Inner Academy, this is stated outwardly and an  information sheet is distributed which I will create for all of you to hand out to your participants. Some of you may wish to nest the NESIA programs inside what you are already doing. This is fine so long as the NESIA part is specifically delineated and stated, and the handouts are given during that portion of your overall workshop.

I have a concern that participants may think something stated to them, other than what is coming through Maia/Thoth IS in fact a statement of this channel. So I would want facilitators to make it clear to participants when they are injecting their own thoughts or channeling involving NESIA material.

 The Material – Where to Begin?

You can select anything from my webs, blogs and archives. This is just a list of a few suggestions I located in about 10 minutes . . .

You might begin by looking at the following pages, as these contain info that could be developed into a process. Not that you have to do a process. We are wide open here, but this is just a thought.

The O’pah Seals

A possible developing of a program around these (for starters)

The Dolphin Songline

Working with the dolphins and whales…the dolphin temples…interaction, guided visualizations, etc…based on what you find in this section. (This page is seriously messed up for some reason, but just scroll down.)

The Electrikum Templates

These could be developed into a healing-awakening tool…even without the images (or I might create some more advanced images if someone was seriously interested in doing this work).

The Adam Kadmon

This one is a real goldmine…but you would need to dig for it…all kinds of potential here!


 “Atu Tehuti, Ati Hatu”
(In the rising of the breath I greet you, in the release of the breath I embrace you)

Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid



4 thoughts on “FYI

  1. Maia, I want to thank you for bringing this information and opportunity to us. I am a high school teacher by day, and just started back to work on today. The hours this week are really long, getting set up for the upcoming school year (next week!). I say that to inform you that I am planning to immerse myself in this information as soon as my schedule allows. I plan to launch my NESIA classes after returning from Hawaii, Oct. 2. How does that feel to you?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sounds great Shirl!


  3. serroyka

    Maia, my planning is foreseen to start with the preparations in Sept, incl membership of your KyiRa Portal, launching will be indeed during fall, I’ll keep you posted of course ! in more detail of my progress , timing and actions 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Great Kathleen!


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