Global Interactive Banner

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This banner I designed for NESIA facilitators….for their websites, handouts, ads, etc. I can modify size and dimension for the individual facilatator’s needs if necessary. I would also place YOUR name(s) on the lower right side, so it would be specific for you.

When you are ready for your banner, you will need to contact me with dimensions needed (if you require it changed) and the name(s) you wish on the banner. Even though I know you of course, I want to make sure it is spelled correctly. Or you might wish it to read (name) & (name) OF – your overall name, like “LightWorks Anonymous” (lol).

The dimension of the banner as it is above is for this blog’s WordPress template: Adventure Journal.


6 thoughts on “Global Interactive Banner

  1. dear Maia,
    the banner and the picture I adore !! Thank you
    One other thing, I cannot watch your vimeo of Mari – Queen of Stars…don’t know why, I cannot log in with my password in vimeo ?


  2. This looks so wonderful and amazing!! I will see Yves again in a few days in Norway. So we will find out what dimension we will need for our website. Thank you so much! Eunjung


  3. serroyka

    hello Maia,
    sorry for answering that late, I tried again with your password and this is the message I got :


    Oops! This action could not be completed because your form session expired. Please make sure your cookies are enabled, then return to the previous page and try again.”


  4. serroyka

    hello Maia and dear ones, I manage to look the vimeo, maybe I have to log in first on this website, sorry : I learn to work with it by doing it…wonderfull voice she has !


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